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Your eyes are a gateway to the hearts and minds of those that look in your direction. We all instinctively understand that but take it for granted. Let your style be a guide to how you reach in and grab the attention you so desire, let them be entranced in your galactic eyes and be guided by your grace. Yes i know, it all sounds nice and all but hard to pull of.

The goal is consistency, get your self a step by step guide or better yet a tool that will give you the same results again and again without fail. The heated eyelash curler is one of many tools that do exactly that but don't take our advice on that, we've got the rest of the blog to convince you of that exact point.

The Need for a Heated Eyelash Curler

Not everyone is blessed with thick, voluminous, and perfectly curled eyelashes. Most people have straight lashes that add almost nothing to the beauty of the face because it takes a closer look even to notice the existence of lashes in the first place.

Thick Eyelashes


As we learn the ways to accept our bodies just the way they are and not complain. There are few people that will resist looking healthier to improve their looks and become the best possible version of themselves. This is where the quest for better eyelashes starts by aiming for thicker and voluminous lashes without the pain.

Mascara has been an essential part of every makeup bag for ages. Be it the 80s or the 90s, women always loved the idea of making their eyes appear bigger and more profound. Even men are not behind in their 20s when it comes to doing what it takes to look prettier. Besides mascara, an eyelash curler is a new addition to beauty products. Now, this product is available in a new electronic version, a heated eyelash curler.

Everyone is confused as to what the heated eyelash curler is, is it good enough, does it hurt, how to use it, etc. The simple answer is beauty lovers do not need anything better than a heated lash curler. Wonder why? Let us find out below!

What is a Heated Eyelash Curler?

A heated eyelash curler is an eyelash curler that works more like a curling iron. It appears like a wand with a combing tip that heats and does the job. In contrast, a regular eyelash curler is a structure designed to clamp lashes and shape them. It is mascara-like that you run through your lashes to get them curled.

Many find using electronic products on eyelashes dangerous but there is no point in fearing the use of curlers. Heated curlers are low risk with no potential harm factor attached to it, just like when you use a hair straightener, curler or other tools to style your hair. Similar results can found by using a heated curler.

Eyelash Curls

Plus, the shape of a heated eyelash curler is designed to quickly run only over the hair at a reasonable distance from your eyes. You have to use it on the hairs starting from their mid to the external tips in the direction opposite to the origin of lashes.

Moreover, the heated version of the eyelash curler was much needed, considering the issues related to the standard version. The effect of the latter is not long-lasting. Plus, it is much more likely to mess the direction of the lashes by a little wrong hand movement.

Is Heated Eyelash Curler Bad for Your Lashes?

Two critical factors will help you understand if a heated eyelash curler is bad for your lashes' health or not.

1- No Clamping

When you use a regular eyelash curler, it clamps. Yes, it does the job of curling lashes by putting a force on hairs and crimping them to turn in the desired direction. As a result, the health of hair is damaged. Frequent usage of such curlers can make your lashes lose their texture and even cut some.

On the other hand, a heated lash curler does not pinch, crimp, or clamp hairs. It smoothly gives them the required shape.

2- The Heat Factor

Many people find that using a heated curler on your eyelashes dangerous or doubtful at best. Many don't realize that if you can use a heated device on your hair then you similarly you can do the same with your eyelashes. Moreover, heated eyelash curlers don't require high temperatures to function. They only need moderate temperatures to curl the lashes, so as to not harm your hair.

Heat Factor

Moreover, if you use this product too often, such as daily, consider using the lash serum. Castor oil is a good option. Apply it every day at night to wake up with moisturized hair.

When Should You Curl Your Eyelashes?

There are two ways of doing your lashes. Some people apply the mascara and then use the curler. In contrast, others follow the steps in the opposite order. People opt for the former order because they want to use mascara as a base, that curler can make firmer and double its effect. Not only is this approach wrong, but also on so many levels.

Firstly, mascara should be the final touch you give to your last makeup look. Secondly, this is the kind of liquid that is very likely to spread, causing a mess as well as getting clumpy in appearance. Thirdly, a heated lash curler cannot firm the placement of the mascara. What it can do is remove it.

The right way to do your eyelashes is to curl them using an excellent electric eyelash curler. Then, leave your lashes for a few minutes to completely get in the desired form, then apply mascara.

Another concern of makeup divas is whether to use the curler before or after putting the eye shadow on. The best way is to use both times. If you want to use it once, the timing will do.

How to Choose a Heated Eyelash Curler?

There are a few factors that should be in the best eyelash curler that you buy. Let us find them out below!

  • It should be lightweight.
  • It must take a few seconds to heat up.
  • The shape of the tip should go well with how the eyelashes are.
  • The effect should be long-lasting.
  • It should be efficient enough to distribute heat evenly.

Curl Your EyelashesThe factors mentioned above are general ones in any heated eyelash curler review. Your personal preferences define others. For example, some people want a product that allows you to change the temperature, while some want a curler with a fixed temperature. Both kinds of curlers are good. But the former stands out because it involves a variety of options to choose from that the latter excludes.

Now that you know what to look for in a curler, here is the best one you can gift yourself!

Where to Buy the Best Heated Eyelash Curler in Canada?

Arkoo Canada is a credible name in the Canadian skincare and health products industry. They offer a wide range of products. You will stop looking for other brands once you start buying from them. Such is the quality of their products. In the case of a heated eyelash curler, you cannot find a better one than Arkoo Canada Heated Eyelash Curler.

It is available for shipping all across Canada. The package of this product includes a USB power cord and a user manual along with the precious curler. It marks all the factors mentioned above tick. Its weight is only 50 grams. You can get it either in green or in white color.

The tip of the Arkoo Canada eyelash curler is curved to match the shape of the lashes. It only takes 10 seconds to heat and 5 seconds to cause its effect on the hairs. Moreover, it can be changed using various options, including a power bank, carport, or usual charging port. You can tell when the battery is full by seeing the three indicators lit.

Another great feature of the Arkoo Canada eyelash curler is the availability of three different modes/temperature ranges. Forty-five degrees indicated by blue light is ideal for short lashes. Fifty-five degrees is indicated by yellow light for standard lash length and thickness, while 70 degrees is characterized by a red light for bushy and stiffer hairs.

Eyelash Curler

How to Use an Eyelash Curler?

Since heated eyelash curler involves heat, you cannot just mindlessly pick the product up and apply it to your eyelashes. There is a careful method that you must follow; otherwise, you might hurt your hair. Let us dive into the step-by-step guide to using an electric eyelash curler!

Step 1.

When it is time to curl your eyelashes, first check them out. Remove if there is even a speck of residue makeup from yesterday. You can apply a makeup cleaner using a cotton pad to your eyes to get them all clean.

Step 2.

Wait a few seconds till your hairs are fully clean and dry.

Step 3.

Turn the heated eyelash curler on. It needs some time to heat up after turning it on, so wait some minutes.

Step 4.

The biggest mistake most people make here is to give the curler time to heat and apply it. Instead, gently test the heat level by touching the curler with your fingertips. Ensure it is heated up properly so you do not have to rub the cold curler and frustrate yourself. Or, if it is too hot, wait for it to cool down a little bit and check again. Only apply when the temperature is moderate, neither too hot nor too cold. Otherwise, you might harm your lashes or lids.

Step 5.

Now grab the handle of the curler with the heated comb-tip, ready to work on the eyelashes. Do not get the curler too close to the origin of the lashes. Leave some distance instead, position your curler, and move it in the upward direction without exerting any force.

Hold it for a few seconds, then let go. Make sure that it is in contact with the hairs throughout the time you are applying it. Repeat the process on the remaining hairs with which your curler was not in contact. That is all. Now you will be observing a clear difference in the volume and shape of your eyelashes.

Now, if you feel like upgrading the game a level more, apply mascara. It depends on your preferences if you want coats of mascara or not. A minority of people prefer using only the heated eyelash curler. This is the case when their lashes are voluminous and thick enough already.


A heated eyelash curler is a much-needed invention in the beauty industry. This product is harmless since it works at a moderate temperature ranging from as less as 40 degrees to as high as around 70 degrees. It appears like mascara, with a handle, a charging port, and a comb-like head that heats up and curls.

Moreover, it is powerful enough to leave curls that last longer without losing shape even after hours of use. The best-heated eyelash curler you can get is the one by Arkoo Canada. It is exceptional because it comes in three different temperature options and has many unique features.

Meta Description

An Electric Heated Eyelash Curler works at moderate temperature and doesn't clamp or exert force on hairs. Simply, there are no side effects.

FAQs About Heated Eyelash Curler

What kind of heated eyelash curler is the best?

The best one is Arkoo Canada Electric Heated Eyelash Curler for many reasons. It is lightweight, weighing only 50 grams, comes with three different temperatures, and has a tilted shape to run evenly on the lashes.

Are heated eyelash curlers good for your eyelashes?

Unlike popular opinion, heated eyelash curlers neither harm nor damage eyelashes. However, if your usage is too frequent, like every day, ensure moisture lashes with a serum daily before bedtime.

Do heated eyelash curlers work without mascara?

It depends on your choice, but most people use mascara after curling the lashes. Because the heated curler only gives the hairs the desired direction and does not add much volume. So, you are still dependent on mascara for thickness and volume.

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