What is the Cupping Massager And What Does it Do?

What is cupping therapy and how it can help your health?

Traditional speaking, cupping therapy has its origin in Chinese medicine but even that has an earlier origin story.

Altimetry, cupping therapy is the act of pulling the skin to disperse and break up stagnation and congestion by drawing blood up to the surface.

It does this by apply a strong suction force in a enclosed case, in the common setting you would find that practitioners of this old technique use what is known as "dry cupping" or "wet cupping" to achieve this effect.

The main difference between those 2 are one dry cupping requires minimal setup to work, while wet cupping makes a small incision on the skin, similarly to what you find in acupuncture.

How to do Cupping on Yourself at Home?

Normally you wouldn't be able to do this at home for the average layman, you would require someone knowledgeable and with the right tools that aren't normally found outside of Asia.

Its true you could probably find it in a specialty store or through online stores like amazon but that doesn't describe what most of us would do.

Trying how to properly place the damn thing and how to heat it up would confuse most of us, not to mention how long should the pulling force go on for? should i speak to a medical professional before doing this? 

Many questions but no definitive answer on that one.

Now you must be thinking, should i go to a massager that offers this exact service, yes but not exactly.

You can now perform this amazing cupping therapy on your own with modern technology.

There is a device called the TheroOne™ - Smart Suction Cup Massager Therapy device that does it all for you and its on sale now for 50% off.


Benefits of Cupping Massage Therapy

The benefits are simple and straight forward.

It helps improve blood flow in areas of high contraction or stress, such as your back, thighs and shoulders.

The application is not limited to those areas but you can probably use common sense on where you should be placing it and where not to, yes we know what your thinking.

The aforementioned TheroOne Smart Suction Cup Therapy device can also heat up the area continually scrape for about 20 minutes automatically without any input from you. 

How Can You Use a Cupping Massager at Home?

  • Simply place it on the surface of your skin
  • Set the appropriate temperate
  • Select from 1 to 6 levels of suction intensity
  • Press the power button on
  • If you feel any discomfort, you can press the pressure relief button 

The Importance of Using a Cupping Massager?

The most important aspect we find is it helps you regain your own independence from pain points on your body.

It takes advantage of a proven and well established traditional medicine technique used by many.

It innovates on it by applying modern technology to it and giving many people access to what is normally found in niche places in most western civilization.

Photo by Bas Peperzak on Unsplash


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