Which Massager Should I Get?

Well... that depends on many factors but we can describe to you what are the most commonly used ones are and why it really isn't that complicated. Lets first set some house rules before we begin, we can't possibly cover all types of massagers and write up scientific papers on why they are good but what we could do is logically look at why people choose one over the other and deduce a general idea on what's good based on reviews and return rates. 

Old But Gold

If it works then don't break it, we live by these rules on this side of the pond and honestly it seems like most people do. Don't be tricked into buying some wacky new tech using scientific sounding names just to later on leave you disappointed. A general rule of thumb is to check to see what exactly the massager will try to do and at what intensity. Don't get distracted by the feature set, all that really matters is if it works well with what it has. Here are a few different "types" to look out for.

  • Vibrating (Most Common)
  • Pulsing
  • Suction (pulling and pushing) (Traditionally found in Asia)
  • Spreading and squishing
  • Punching

Most massager will mention one or many of these common traits, keep that in mind and decided based on what is most interesting to you, remember that jack of all traits usually means losing out on quality. Focus on a few and find a product that specializes in that, you'll thanks us later.

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Good or Bad?

Know that you've narrowed down the list to a select few that have the desired traits you need, lets figure out if they are good or bad. The key areas requiring your attention are the following but not limited to:

  • Product Image / Video
  • What's included in the packaging
  • Reviews (Mostly Positive or Negative)
  • Google Search (Get a second opinion, outside of the merchant store)

Simple right, the most important one in my opinion is the product image, believe me when i say that most merchants aren't trying to sell you a bad product but that doesn't mean that the product will automatically fit your need. The product image and video should both describe the what and how that most of us have, "what does it do", "How does it work", "What are the options available to me" and "How can i get this". If it doesn't answer some of your most fundamental questions, you can either find more information outside of the merchants store or look for a new product, simple as that.

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Our top recommendation is a suction cup massager and a close second would have to be a back stretcher.

The automated cupping machine is easy enough to use and can be used all around the body with the exception of sensitive parts. The back stretcher is old school in the sense that it doesn't have or need any electronic to function, making it the most accessible option here.

You can find both product in our Body Care collection

Link: https://arkoo.ca/collections/body-care

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Photo by Bas Peperzak on Unsplash

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